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This polarization microscope combines high-quality Leica optics with state-of-the-art universal white light LED illumination for incident and transmitted light applications.

Because of its flexibility, the Leica DM2700 P meets the needs of both basic to advanced examinations where high-quality polarization equipment is required.

鼎盛集团投注By the wide range of accessories it is the ideal inspection tool for all kinds of routine inspection tasks in earth science, plastic and polymer industry, liquid crystal inspections and further more.

鼎盛集团投注The versatile instrument options not only fulfill many application requirements, but also the budget.

鼎盛集团投注Have a closer look at our product advantages!

Your Advantages

Five-position Centerable Nosepiece Strain Free Objectives Designed for Your Application

Five-position Centerable Nosepiece

The Leica DM2700 P offers, unique for this class of microscope, a five-position centerable nosepiece. The microscope can be equipped with different objectives for specific tasks.

Strain Free Objectives Designed for Your Application

For reliable investigations of birefringence materials, Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of  polarization objectives. Select from a variety of objectives designed for qualitative and quantitative polarization.

Flexible Conoscopy LED Illumination

Flexible Conoscopy

Choose a conoscopy module that adapts to your application and budget: 
The advanced module with centerable, focusable Bertrand lens; pinhole; and extended field of view is ideal for transmitted light and incident light microscope configurations. 
Two standard modules with centerable, focusable Bertrand lens or pre-focussed Bertrand lense only, built-in analyzer, and integrated pinhole, are suitable for transmitted light microscope configurations.
The Bertrand lens cube is centerable and pre-focused for microscope configurations with an incident light axis.

LED Illumination

Ultra-bright, high-power LED illumination provides a constant color temperature of 4500º K for incident and transmitted light illumination methods. It offers real color imaging at all intensity levels without the need of additional filters. With a long lifetime and low power consumption, LEDs have enormous savings potential.

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